The Saint Isidore Fund's Mission

The Saint Isidore Fund was established to provide assistance to those residing in low-income and rural communities in Central Maine. Through our close partnership with local priest Father Paul Dumais, of the Portland Diocese, the St. Isidore Fund seeks to foster the communal and spiritual development which may lack the support required to meet the needs of the community. Deeply rooted in Catholic identity and supported by the liturgical and spiritual support of Fr. Paul Dumais, the St. Isidore Fund serves the communities of St. Rose of Lima and St. Joseph’s in Jay and Farmington, Maine, and in the rural areas surrounding those communities.

The central focus of SIF understands the needs of the human person as being not merely physical, but social, psychological, and spiritual.  Keeping this holistic understanding of the human person in mind, SIF aims to serve people primarily by giving financial assistance through means of a yearly grant that is reassessed annually.

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